Gain Admission Into Jennda Forte Academy In Easy Steps

What do children study in pre-school classes?

Learning for children aged 1-5 is based on first-hand experience, giving children the skills and understanding to move confidently into key stage one. in the foundation stage, learning is based on the Montessori curriculum: Practical life, Sensorial Education, Language, Mathematics, Cultural Studies, Physical Development, Literacy, Expressive Arts and Design.

What do children study in Grade school?

Children are taught mainly by their class teacher and lessons are organised as a whole class teaching, group work or individual work as appropriate. We teach the international primary curriculum(IPC) alongside National curriculum. Children may receive additional support from Teachers/ Teaching Assistants and may have the opportunity to work in an intervention Group.

After School club

We run a range of after school extra-curricular activities and clubs at different times during the school year, such as Basketball, tablewondo, computers, skating, reading, spelling and Dance.

How do you look after my child?

Jennda Forte Academy is known for its family atmosphere, and we strive to ensure that all children feel both secure and happy during the school day. We aim to develop children's self discipline, and their respect for themselves and others. If children have any problems at all, they are encouraged to talk to a member of staff about them. Time is made for the child and action is taken to resolve the matter.

Welcome to Jennda Forte Academy

Jennda Forte Academy is a school that has one of the best and most rigorous instructional standards for a child. The staffs of Jennda Forte Academy are all under pressure to improve student performance which is an encouraging and sometimes very daunting task one, but the school is always supportive and more than equal to the task of nurturing the pupils.

Some of the features of the school include a serene environment, qualified and experienced teachers, easy accessibility to the road, a fabulous playground, swimming facilities, national and international curriculum, affordable fees etc…. 

Why Choose Us

To be the preffered school for educational excellence

  1. To Produce Godly and well educated children through highly trained and motivated teachers using modern technology as to delight stakeholders..
  2. To serve as the foundation for the future of our pupils who will be prepared for success in the 21st century and beyond.
  3. To provide a completely individualized learning program with continuum in both affective and cognitive domains in order to meet individual pupil's needs.
  4. We will use available resources, including innovations in technology, hands-on learning, and active involvement in the learning process to provide the fundamentals of education in a diverse population.
  5. We will maintain a safe and disciplined environment for all pupils. We will work with teachers, parents, community and pupils to achieve these goals.
  6. Pupils exiting Dawn Michaels School will model Christ, will read, write and compute to the best of their abilities; will possess a life-long love of learning; will have instilled an increased understanding and acceptance of diversified learners; will demonstrate respect and care of the universe; and will respect people of all genres, ages, religions, and ethnic backgrounds and provide great leadership.

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Contact us

  • 32 Road, by 322 Road Junction, Plot 1216A (Near DSTV Festac Centre),Festac Town,Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Phone: +234 806 907 3131, +234 807 880 8080.
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Visiting Hours

  • Parents are allowed to visit our school at any time Obviously, it is easier to arrange for teachers to be free to talk to parents if notice is given, and for new prospective parents wishing a whole school visit it is necessary to book an appointment.

CALL +234 806 907 3131, +234 807 880 8080.